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 In this era of digitalization, our mission is to bring Information Technology to most people in Bangladesh.

Be a warrior of this Devware and let’s change people’s view in IT And Software Sector.

Web Design

We Offer Professional Web Design Services At Affordable Rates To Help Your Business Attract More Visitors And Keep Them On Your Site! More Than Beautiful Design, We Build Websites With A Complete Strategy Designed To Turn Your Site Visitors Into Customers.


Android App

Harness the power of the mobile-first world with our ideal and custom mobile app development services. Codex Devware will be your mobile app development service provider that offers a full cycle of development services that has the full potential to meet your growing business needs. We have an experienced team who are skilled enough in building high-performance, feature-packed, and digitally transformative mobile apps or software for all the major mobile platforms.

Web Development

Our team of web developers is dedicated to staying at the top of the Internet marketing industry. They regularly practice, refine, and update their skills to make sure they can always offer our clients the best results possible.



Graphics Design

There’s no limit to what you can get designed at Codex Devware. Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, the talented designers at Codex Devware can make it happen. Codex Devware prides itself on it’s high quality designers who deliver only the best design services.

Plan your career in the best way with Codex Devware

In this age of digitization, Codex Devware is dedicated to bringing information technology to the majority of people in Bangladesh. Be a warrior of this Devware and together let’s change public perception of the Information Technology industry.

Develop Your Web Application and Grow Up Your Business

A Little Bit of Everything

With only one click, Codex Devware may offer a variety of services. We offers services like as SEO and Digital Marketing etc.

Premium Web Service

Basic Service

We were able to significantly expand the functionality of our website and save expenditures with the aid of Codex Devware. Our website is lot easier to use, contains many more features than it had in the past, and is very simple to manage. With our new website, we are overjoyed! Gratitude to Codex Devware

Codex Devware Internet Marketing specializes in making your website visions a reality. We are so pleased with the work they have completed for us that we have already referred them to several of our business colleagues. We are grateful to the Devware team for being heads and shoulders above the competition.

Within a year, we made two updates to our website. Professional, Innovative, Detail-Oriented, and Excellent Communicator.  I wouldn’t have needed to do it again if I had signed a contract with Team Codex Devware the first time.

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